Ilmiy ishlar bo’yicha direktor o’rinbosari Professor U.A. Rozikov     


Deputy director of the Romanovskiy institute of mathematics, Uzbekistan Academy of sciences.

U.A. Rozikov was born on 20 May 1970 in Bukhara, Uzbekistan. He was graduated the Samarkand State University (1993) with an honour diploma. He was a winner of several Mathematical Olympiads. He got Ph.D (1995) and Doctor of sciences in physics and mathematics (2001) degrees from the Institute of Mathematics, Tashkent.
Prof. Utkir Rozikov is an internationally renowned expert in probability, mathematical physics and analysis, specializing in dynamical systems and statistical mechanics on graphs. He represents the strong Tashkent research school which grew from the Dobsrushin-Minlos-Sinai seminar at Moscow in the 1960-70s.

Rozikov has made significant contributions to the deep analysis of Gibbs states in topical models of statistical mechanics on trees (Ising, Potts, SOS), in particular with random interactions and/or in external field. He has promoted new tools in studying Gibbs measures on graphs, such as group representation theory, information flows, node-weighted random walks, contour methods on trees, and non-linear analysis. Rozikov has also advanced the idea of studying p-adic dynamical systems relevant to multiscale and/or chaotic systems, applied to statistical mechanics on trees and Cayley graphs of non-amenable groups. His more recent interests are focussed on evolution algebras of sex-linked populations, aiming to incorporate thermodynamics in mathematical biology models.
Rozikov is an exceptionally prolific author: since 1995, he has published over 140 papers in top journals including 12(!) papers in the flagship Journal of Statistical Physics (Impact Factor 1.202) and also in Lett. Math. Phys. (1.939), Comm. Math. Phys. (2.086), J. Stat. Mech. Theory Exp. (2.404), J. Math. Anal. Appl. (1.120), etc. In particular, in 2013 he published an extensive review paper (112 pages) in Rev. Math. Phys. (1.329), followed by the authoritative research monograph «Gibbs Measures on Cayley Trees» (World Scientific, 2013). He also published books “Population Dynamics: Algebraic and probabilistic approach” (World Scientific, 2020) and «An introduction to mathematical billiards» (World Scientific, 2019).
Rozikov was a visiting professor and invited researcher at many universities and research centres in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, Switzerland and Turkey.
His awards include: Prize of Japan Embassy; Prize of the Uzbek Academy of Sciences; TWAS Prize for Young Scientists; Medal «O’zbekiston Belgisi» from the Government of Uzbekistan. He held research grants from TWAS, DFG, and NATO, and fellowships awarded by CNR (Italy), CNRS (France), ICTP (Trieste, Italy), CPT & IMéRA (Marseille), etc. He is a frequent invited speaker at workshops and seminars abroad, and he collaborates closely with some leading researchers across Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, Switzerland ).
Currently, Rozikov is working on real and p-adic Gibbs measures for spin systems of statistical mechanics on graphs. Moreover, he is developing the theory of dynamical systems and evolution algebras of population biology.

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